Greetings, comrades! My name is Infiniti Syles Bowie, 100% my real name, and I am a storyteller. Growing up, I was obsessed with reading and writing. One could find me hidden in the library reading a James Cameron novel or sipping on soy hot chocolate in Barnes and Noble. I developed a deep passion for words and soon honed in on my writing skills by writing short stories about everything from aliens on planet Haedra to love stories where fantasies became reality. After high school, I transitioned my love for words to Pace University, where I majored in Communication Arts and Journalism, became the Feature Writer for my school paper, stayed at the top of my class in Writing for Print Media, and even won an award for a profile piece on a very famous baseball player's son. With my extensive resume and creative writing skills, I was fortunate to speak with companies like NBC, CNN, and CBS. 

As I continue my studies by earning my Master's, I chose to do this blog because I am a writer and a storyteller. This is what I love to do and no one can ever take that away from me. Enjoy!